The Resurgence of Iowa State Football: A Remarkable Journey

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In the heartland of America, where fields of corn stretch as far as the eye can see, a different kind of field has captured the hearts of its inhabitants – Jack Trice Stadium, home to the Iowa State Cyclones. For years, the Iowa State football program languished in the shadows of its more renowned neighbors, but in recent years, a remarkable resurgence has breathed new life into this proud institution.

A History of Struggles

Iowa State football has historically been a team that struggled to find its footing in the competitive landscape of college football. Founded in 1892, the program has faced countless challenges throughout its existence. Consistency in winning seasons and postseason bowl appearances often eluded them. Despite the odds, Cyclone fans remained fiercely loyal, showing up in droves to support their team.

The matt Campbell Era

The turning point for Iowa State football came in 2016 when Matt Campbell took the helm as head coach. Hailing from the University of Toledo, Campbell brought with him a fresh approach and a vision for success. His dedication to building a culture of discipline, hard work, and resilience resonated with players and fans alike.

Under Campbell’s leadership, Iowa State began to climb the ranks. They achieved bowl game berths in consecutive seasons and secured impressive victories over top-ranked teams, including the stunning upset of the Oklahoma Sooners in 2017. These successes were a testament to the program’s newfound competitiveness.

A Strong Defense

One of the key factors in Iowa State’s resurgence has been its rock-solid defense. Known for their aggressive play and relentless pursuit of the ball, the Cyclones’ defense has consistently ranked among the best in the nation. Standout players like linebacker Mike Rose and defensive end JaQuan Bailey have become household names in college football circles, earning All-American honors and NFL attention.

Offensive Prowess

While defense played a pivotal role, the Cyclones’ offense also underwent a transformation. Quarterback Brock Purdy emerged as a star, breaking numerous school records and garnering national attention. Under offensive coordinator Tom Manning, the team developed a dynamic passing attack and a potent ground game, making them a formidable force on both sides of the ball.

The Rise to Prominence

The 2020 season marked a historic milestone for Iowa State football. The Cyclones achieved their highest-ever ranking, reaching as high as No. 6 in the AP Poll. This remarkable feat was complemented by an appearance in the Big 12 Championship Game, showcasing the program’s newfound prowess on the national stage.

While the Cyclones ultimately fell short in the championship game, their presence there signaled a significant shift in the balance of power within the Big 12 conference. No longer were they considered a pushover; they had become a legitimate contender.

The Impact on the Community

The resurgence of Iowa State football has had a profound impact beyond the gridiron. The entire community of Ames, Iowa, has rallied behind the team, creating an electric game-day atmosphere. Local businesses have thrived as a result of increased tourism and merchandise sales. The Cyclones have become a source of pride and unity for the entire state.

The Future Looks Bright

As we look to the future, Iowa State football appears poised for continued success. With Matt Campbell at the helm, the program has stability and a winning formula. The Cyclones have attracted top-tier talent, both on the field and in recruiting, ensuring their competitive edge for years to come.


In the resurgence of Iowa State football is a testament to the power of determination, strong leadership, and unwavering support from a passionate fan base. From the depths of obscurity, the Cyclones have risen to become a force to be reckoned with in college football. Their remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to underdog teams everywhere, proving that with hard work and dedication, even the most challenging of circumstances can be overcome. Iowa State football has firmly planted its flag on the map of college football, and the future holds great promise for this proud program.

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