Maintaining Residential Integrity: The Need for Proper Home Repairs

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Owning a home, as most homeowners would attest, isn’t merely about possessing a property. It’s an ongoing commitment, one that demands your time, energy, and resources. Unlike tenants who can lean on their landlords when things go south, homeowners shoulder the responsibility of home maintenance. Many potential homebuyers are forewarned about this by realtors, mortgage lenders, and numerous online resources. But what makes home maintenance so critical? And why does it impact the overall residential integrity of your home?

A crucial aspect of homeownership is understanding and honoring the warranty conditions associated with the house. Take, for instance, Landmark, a home warranty company. Its main purpose is to assist homeowners when their systems or appliances falter due to age and standard wear and tear. However, it’s explicitly mentioned in their contracts that any system or appliance breakdown due to neglect or lack of maintenance falls outside of ‘normal wear and tear’. Beyond just abiding by warranty terms, home maintenance plays a pivotal role for numerous reasons.

Monetary Advantages of Home Maintenance

Yes, maintaining a house can require a fair bit of time, effort, and money. However, the investment you make today in maintenance could save you significantly in the future. A point illustrated in “Your Money: the Missing Manual,” is that each dollar spent on preventative home maintenance potentially saves you $100 in future repairs. Early attention to minor issues like a grimy filter or a blocked drain helps prevent these small problems from escalating into major ones like an HVAC motor failure or a burst pipe. These severe issues, a common aftermath of inadequate maintenance, often cost significantly more than their preventative counterparts. Hiring experts like Sydney roof repair specialists, offers proper maintenance and an extend roof’s lifespan. This saves you money in the long run. 

Home Maintenance for Efficient Home Functioning

Maintaining a home is a repetitive process that requires constant attention to the functioning aspects of your house. Consider the analogy of sweeping your kitchen floor. It’s a recurrent task, but if neglected, imagine the resulting condition! Similarly, tasks like cleaning the dishwasher filter or unclogging the bathroom drain, although not as regular as sweeping the floor, require periodic attention. Overlooking these tasks could lead to inefficient functioning of your home systems.

An unclean furnace filter can increase your utility bills as your HVAC system has to work harder to regulate the temperature in your home. Similarly, not cleaning the evaporative coils under your refrigerator makes it harder to keep your food cool, using more energy in the process. Regular maintenance of your home not only ensures its smooth functioning but also contributes to energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

Home Maintenance and Property Value

Unlike cars that depreciate in value over time, homes can increase in value, given the right conditions. While market dynamics play a role, homeowners have a direct impact on their home’s worth through regular maintenance. For instance, if you were to put your house up for sale without maintaining your systems and appliances adequately, a home inspection would likely reveal several issues. These could lead to potential buyers seeking a discounted rate or demanding replacements or repairs, diminishing the home’s selling price.

Contrarily, adhering to manufacturer’s maintenance instructions keeps your home systems in prime condition, enhancing the home’s value. Home improvement projects undertaken on a regular basis can bolster your home’s value, thereby increasing your equity. But, it’s not just about home improvement; even something as basic as routine roof maintenance can have a noticeable impact. 

Home Warranties and Maintenance

Both home warranties and insurance policies typically exclude damages resulting from insufficient maintenance. For example, a home insurance company is unlikely to cover attic or roof flooding caused by clogged gutters. Similarly, a home warranty wouldn’t typically cover the repairs or replacement of an HVAC system where the filters haven’t been changed for an extended period. Most home warranty companies insist on proper maintenance of systems and appliances to ensure their optimal functioning and longevity.

Home warranties can be particularly advantageous. By doing your best to clean and maintain the systems and appliances in your home, you stand to save significantly when they eventually wear out. For a flat-rate service call fee, a home warranty will repair or replace your old systems, helping you protect your investment in your home.

In conclusion, home maintenance is not merely a responsibility; it’s a tool to safeguard your investment, ensure efficient functioning, and increase your property’s worth. It’s an essential aspect of maintaining residential integrity. As a homeowner, your commitment to proper home repairs could be the determining factor between a house and a ‘home.’

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