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Introduction funniest bio for Facebook 

funniest bio for Facebook In the age of social media your Facebook profile is like your digital business card  Its the first thing people see when they visit your page and it’s an opportunity to make a memorable impression One way to do that is with a funny and creative bio that will leave your friends and followers in stitches  In this article we  compiled 500 of the funniest Facebook bios that are sure to add a touch of humour to your profile 

  1. Professional over thinker and certified procrastinator  If I were a vegetable id be a couch potato 
  1.  I put the elusive in influencer funniest bio for Facebook 
  1. My life is like a romantic comedy  minus the romance and just me laughing at my own jokes 
  1. Don’t follow me because I don’t even know where I m  going 
  1. I used to be indecisive but now I m  not so sure funniest bio for Facebook 
  1. I m on a seafood diet  I see food  and I eat it 
  1. Born at a very young age funniest bio for Facebook 
  1. I m not saying I m Wonder Woman I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room together funniest bio for Facebook 
  1. I m not arguing  I m just explaining why I m right 
  1. If you can’t convince them confuse them 
  1. I m not short  I m fun-sized 
  1.  I put the hot in psychotic 
  1. My room not messy it’s an obstacle course designed to keep me fit 
  1. I m not lazy  I m just on energy saving mode 
  1. I m  not a complete idiot some parts are missing 
  1. I m  not a vegetarian because I love animals  I m  a vegetarian because I hate plants 
  1. I am a social vegan I avoid meet 
  1. If you can’t remember my name  just say chocolate I’ll turn around 
  1. I am  not a baker but I have some great buns funniest bio for Facebook 
  1. My favorited exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch I call it lunch 
  1. I am not a morning person  but I’m willing to make an exception for brunch 
  1. I used to be cool but then I got older 
  1. I don’t need a hair stylist my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning 
  1. I am  not a smart aleck I am  just naturally sarcastic 


Your funniest bio for Facebook  is a little window into your personality  and adding a dose of humor can make it all the more inviting and memorable These 500 funny Facebook bios are sure to help you stand out in the crowd  whether you are  the class clown  the office comedian  or just someone who loves a good laugh 

Remember  the key to a great Facebook bio is to keep it light hearted and true to your own sense of humour It’s your opportunity to show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously  and that’s a quality many people find endearing So go ahead and give your funniest bio for Facebook  profile a hilarious make over and get ready to make your friends and followers laugh out loud 

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